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  • Listening to: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward Rem

How hard? like pure pedal to the metal in its pants..
  • Listening to: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward Rem

_How do you spell Wan-gun..gan?gen?
  • Listening to: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward Rem

Well history of computer is clear..

it's not like a product made by secret agency..
that's everything but about secrecy..

Internet instead is about secrets, knowledge,
free hugs and many other kind or unkind etc.

I mean what's the point of having 8bilions of humans or almost
that are threat to the only planet known as accessable by life..

The same is the concept of internet..
A place fake or real that gives a reason or excuse the
gouverments to have access to us
even if we don't know when they does it or why...
Or to explain it better that makes for us computers to be really needed even
if there're tricks or cheats like the e-commerce etc..

If we have the right or freedom to destroy the planet,
it's nature etc why should forces in law or who for them have
the rights to reg anything about it and prove the false or true facts..

It's not that computers are used by politician to tell us what to say,
how to eat, what to do etc.. but mostly a history to how we spend our time
and how it impacts the real world..beside the buys-sell actions quotes..stokes.. etc.

There is a clear need of simple but definitive solution such as technologies ones
in terms of prevention and documentation of real facts that happens even in the present
and not only used to happen or happened in the past..
(not only omg it's wrong to clean my butts with mother natures face..
tree or paper whatever you prefer up in that glory hole..)
Because if something just doesn't get right and has difficulty to get right..
it may not be due to the lack of information by few people or categories but maybe
because we have bad habits, and WE...are like 8 billions of the same kind that ar trolling the rest of the existing life forms..
included earth itself..
Rather than worried about how much generation our family would last,
we worry about hot topics with which of my super fast car to go to the story and buy
the new or last generation of thy smart shi7 phone that one day maybe even be able to spell TOILET PAPER right.

Rather than facing such funny hot topics with a great smile and the great orientation..
we worry about how much the price of the gasoline is now compare do the past,
it doesn't matter it isn't anymore where it was found initially i mean inside the world..not outside..
It doesn't metter if this may seriously compromise the safety or security at global levels ..not only
with "Daddy's taking a glass of his favorite teachers bland ..and needed some great ice blend not only a deep glass.."

Why worry about life if it ain't free,
and when free why worry if we're not free
But why again we have to worry even if we're living peaceful days on great mothers earth ...
enjoying our freedom and life at free in the open ..when it may not be safe..
But who is engaged to occupy this role the safety plans?
Of course GGGGGG - Gourverments.. SO?

So what...where is this damn problem with the policy stories in movies such as..
TERMS CONDITION MAY APPLY... ??? IDonTGETIT and won't even bother any further to do so..

thanks again please forgive my bad english etc..
and yeah you're pretty much welcome.

that's pretty much all  i mean as simple as ..
Cars goes on Gas, because gas burns air...air is a product
commonly found on planet earth made by the process of the floras photosynthesis
the left is Co2
  • Listening to: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward Rem
Why, well reasons are more than ever clear,
bright, sure a fact..scientific damn facts..

Because it's always the male side that pay for everything
the wrong, the rigts, the good and bads, winner or losers..
It's just bigger..larger as number compared to them...the devil
And war after war they don't get paired or just right as number
but remains more and more, and after again there is teh birth growth..
more and more of them 

We're just meat for their sadnwiches, they're our only clients..
A mother that may even cry asking for the reasons, the sister would just complain..
but yet it's a man that pays with his life

thanx to womens and girls, you maybe have started smoking, taking drugs...sniffing..nosing..
doing grinds or even combos with blunt man..but hey think and take something different
before becoming like them...Boring, useless..helpless.. wheelie grouppies..
Take a different way

  • Listening to: Bolier performed by Limp Bitzkit

  • Listening to: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone (Fourward Rem


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