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A Blood Moon by sweetytasha
-Sure it's a bird!
Well 'casue they say that the human normal
body consumes of oxygen and the exhausted co2 etc..
that sometimes may even feature air is close to the weight
of a pigeon but like in hours, and why i'm telling you that..
Because there is a big differences between wild nature and human's one..
Example we emit gases too, sometimes dangerous may not be always
that poisoning..but from a pigeon to a wild elephantess at full speed
in a hot air environment well there is some kind of difference!
Just relativity nothing more i mean if we have to weight a leaf and a loaf..
there should not be a big difference at first sight one gives you anything
the other just clam down your sense of hungry or whatever you want it to be.
Brain ain't a big deal the more you give to it the more it would interpretate
and try to learn or understand but at certain point you'll understand our bodies
has it's limits too in order to ensure a safe world and keep us away from weird situations.
As soon as you understand that point the better it would bee because you'll uderstand
it's just that small amount of "metter-or-doesnt" that i believe people call consciousness...
or being aware of others existances and so
Be aware of people that want you to confuse the one or the consciousness with the intelligence..
or being "sly" just because they want you to believe universe is a collage
of slieces..or loafs.

just curiosity..
animals could not have maths because they don't have
fingers to count on but yet some of them feature fingers sometimes..
that anyway doesn't make them better at life or maths...
As there may be other animals that just love to see the relativity
as ratios bigger smaller, count, metter or not so etc.

Somebody ones told me that being aware of someone else lifes
is too important and it just like being in touch with god no metter
if we believe there is more than a sky above our head or not..
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The legend whant's that
once on the backthan avaible
planet known with the label
earth there was a gang a bad guys
who roled the nations as the dolls
at the theater which wasn't bad at first impresion,
until they've started to spill resources which were
supposed to permit and ensure the saftey and the life
of the spices for eaons of generations.

Which means now actually when you click with your
mice or mouse compture pointing device already known
as something boring and sound noisy!
The procedure was so stupid and selfish that actually it is
anymore to the botton but to thy core of the thx of thy

Click actually in mice world is like a mistique legendary
deamon or oni in japanese which rebrings the balance in their
cosmoses..or something like Deus Bug (F.B.)) Machina..

Well known what really happens is so low that actually
is like the base of a planetary scaled experiment of hypnotizing
against our knownledge and approvements of fogiving and not forbbiding
the continues deforestation of the our global forest obviously those remaining.

When you click they refresh the clock of a giant magic stone,
not existing in real life that permit them to bring the earth
at the stages of the stone age of were there was only forest
around the world and noting but animals no humans etc..
And so on they keep lies youre awarness, meance youre saftey,
and also the saftey of your beloved.

Anytime you click they brings trees which are obviously 1 to 0
which is liek a conunter how many where cuted: 0 or 1?
they click of 0 and this is what they call refresh...
Like the refresh of the monitors and tvs..which is express
in hz or other mistique frequincies of caring not aware enought
or i don't give a single peny for your bucked dollar.

So any time they try to keep interes about this hot topic
they just refresh and try to exchanges the values between
still cuting and trees falling?
Or Cuted and not cuted.
The story goes on and on
since i don't know maybe even before
the invention of the carengines, the steam engine,
and the paper itself.

This is what actually they call karats or whatever
they measrue thei preciouse jews and stones, minerals
diamants..which are simply actions. quotes and people
suspecting them to fall really badly thanks god i'll add.

Meanwhile in book or booking dictionaries a click is a pages
turned the refresh is the mark they put for road or not so etc&etc ltd.

Almost forgot to mention the secon button,
the double click..the invention the attach to any crime as exuse or alibi!
So please take your remaining time value better and make a real responsable
decision or chose to remain in silence for the rest of the time.

Soon on National Geographic Clampcy & Spalone childrens
programed engagment etc..Would it be a lucky marriage?

Nature is the mother of the nectar of life,
the magic behind thy creations,
the dmt of the reasons to came to world.

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